I know a little bit about a lot of things.

This may seem to some extent a little bizarre as I do hold a Masters degree in Design, implying I am therefore a ‘‘Master’’ in that area. But if my  education and professional experience  have taught me anything, knowing a little bit about a lot of things is a pretty ok place to be.  In fact, I have gradually come to the conclusion that being a designer, of any scale, requires you to be a sort of expert generalist. 

 My thesis focused on the way that we design spaces that people interact with for short periods of time. I wanted to find a way of designing an approach to the way these spaces are designed so as to address users’ experiences with these spaces. This research led me to believe that Industrial Design is not simply the design of objects, but the design of experiences. These designed experiences may manifest themselves in the built form of an object but can also be the design of an emotional or cognitive experience. Each of these addresses a user’s experience in a specific and necessary way.

Another avenue of interest I am curious to discover more is the relationship between art and design. I have started to believe that the process of creating art is also a practice in the design of an experience. Artists create art that is capable of fostering connections with its viewers. It is this aspect, which leads me to believe that, art and design are not that different and I want to find out more about the potential of this relationship. 

I’m also curious to find out a little bit about a lot more things. 

To share my love of all things art and design I have a blog.