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Oh Canada 01 | m0851

This is the first post in what I hope to be a series of posts where I profile a Canadian design company. Design of any scale or medium.

m0851, is a Montreal based firm which searches the world for amazing materials but is dedicated to designing and producing their products here in Canada. For over 25 years, m0851 has designed incredible bags, jackets and other accessories from amazing leathers but also ventures into other beautiful materials such as cashmere, wool and silk.

Apart from their dedication to remain in Canada with their production, this company also believes in being acutely involved in all aspects of their company identity. m0851 designs all of their stores, which span across Canada and also appear in the United States, Europe and Asia. These spaces are like ‘art galleries’ for their work in their simplicity of layout and selection of materials. m0851 shops also possess a very relaxed and approachable atmosphere. The Vancouver location has an almost kitchen feel to it where you can stand around a large centre table and chat with employees about just how fantastic everything is in the store.


m0851 also does an amazing job of designing its promotional material. The website, the look books and the short videos they produce, exhibit the talents of a group of people who not only understand how to evolve with fashion trends but also how to remain true to their core values and beliefs through that evolution. 

The leather itself that is used for their pieces is phenomenal. The various collection are created using leathers that are diverse in color, texture and finish. The company believes in working with natural inconsistencies that can be found in leather and it creates the opportunity for some individual and visually stunning pieces.


Above all, m0851 successfully creates pieces that are both beautiful and functional. With the ability to fit into so many life styles and fashion preferences, any m0851 piece is a purchase worth making.


Take a look at all of the perfect collections and pieces by m0851 on their website, click the button below. 

All images from m0851.com