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Objects of My Affection | Lights

With this post, I’ve decided to showcase a few projects that I think are smart, beautiful projects, from the realm of lighting. Lighting has the ability to be the most amazing aspect of a space but can just as easily be a subtle element that ties everything together to complete a concept. 

My personal preference leans more toward pieces that are simple in form and with minimal change to original material. These are some pieces that I’ve admired for a while and a couple of recent additions to the list.  

light collage.jpg

01 NUD Collection carries some really fantastic fixtures and bulbs that don’t vary much in form but their exploration of material is interesting. The rainbow of cords they create are a fun, simple way to make a light ‘pop’ without going over the top with excess materials and outlandish forms.

02 I have been scouring Etsy recently and I came across this line of lights from the shop Dan Cordero. A nice simple and effective use of material with great proportions.

03 Scoop by Stephanie Ng Design is a new discovery for me. The wooden fixture combined with the oversized ‘bulb’ creates a beautiful line and the small pop of color comes as a surprise after a closer look—a simple, almost cheeky detail.

04 As much as I like an exquisitely designed light fixture, the fact that a beautifully designed light bulb can stand on its own I find just as amazing. I’m sure many have seen the Plumen 001 bulb, which is a great piece but I’m pretty intrigued by their latest project, Plumen 002. Paired with their copper fixture--a material I’m currently obsessed with—it’s perfect.

Links below to websites for full collections.