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Honey Sandwiches

Oh Hi!

So I've decided jump on the blogging band wagon and start my own outlet for my ever so frequent 'two cents'. 

My hope is that this serves as a collection of extraordinary things. With my diverse set of interests that's going to encompass many of the following. 

Furniture Design | Product Design | Art | Interior Design | Architecture | Landscape | Music | Photography | Writing | And basically anything else I find necessary to share with those interested. 

Also, an explanation of my blog name-Honey Sandwiches. It's really quite simple, my dad is a beekeeper. So growing up and even now, honey has always been in stock, in excess, for as long as I can remember. Honey Sandwiches were a staple in my diet growing up and every so often even today. An extraordinary thing growing up and the catalyst of extraordinary memories now--Honey Sandwiches.