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Honey Sandwiches

Oh Canada 02 | Kate & Birdie Paper Co.

Kate & Birdie Paper Co. is a design duo based out of Winnipeg Manitoba who started designing stationary 10 years ago and has now branched out into wrapping papers and even textiles.

I love everything about the company. Their colour palettes are always just so perfectly compiled and the illustrations are so simple and clean.  I can usually pick out a Kate & Birdie piece pretty quickly in a shop, which might be evidence of my obsession with them but I feel that it also speaks to the company’s success at creating and maintaining their identity in a field where new companies are starting up all that time.

All of Kate and Birdie's paper goods are made locally on recycled paper with vegetable based inks, which makes them even more loveable! I’m so proud that this little company’s products can be found in over 1000 boutiques worldwide.  Way to go my "Friendly Manitoba" friends!


Images are courtesy of Kate & Birdie’s Facebook page.