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Honey Sandwiches


I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt in pretty much anything he does, movies, television, Jimmy Fallon skits and everything else. I recently looked into his "hitRECord" project which he posts about quite frequently on his Facebook page and this can also be added to my 'love' list. 


What JGL has created here is a site, a company really, where artists and designers can post their work and then meet other creatives where they can then collaborate and create new, amazing projects. JGL and his crew also create projects with members of this project and then produce a television show where all of these people get credit and even payment for their work that is used in episodes of hitRECord. 

I find this project/concept super exciting. It provides creatives with the chance to obtain credit for their work while introducing them to others to help turn their work into something even more amazing! The ultimate creative platform that fosters collaboration, communication and fun. It's win win really! It's great to see the JGL is just so genuinely excited about this project (watch "Joe's Intro Video" on the home page, he's so fired up) and that he's using his celebrity as a way to provide others with exposure and ultimately just create a really great creative environment, even if there was not television show. 

It's an exciting and inspiring little outlet. Love.


Unfortunately, the only full episode available on YouTube is Episode One. Otherwise you might need to use some internet trickery to catch the other episodes!

Just for fun. ;)

Image source: http://hitrecordjoe.tumblr.com/post/9593448986/remix-this-image-on-hitrecord-blackbook