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Mad about Maps

I have always had a deep love and appreciation for maps. That childhood awe and intrigue has stayed with me my entire life. What I love most about these graphic beauties, is the fact that maps can represent SO many things. Not just land masses and borders but memories (cognitive maps) and adventure (treasure maps). Maps have the ability to show the past and the present and even speculate the future. 

With world maps and city maps, it blows my mind how suddenly something so huge, like the world or a city, can be brought down to comprehension through a map. It all becomes manageable and you can then place yourself within that space, be it large like a city or small like a shopping mall through use of a directory. 

My Bedroom Full of Sweet Dreams of Maps. 

My Bedroom Full of Sweet Dreams of Maps. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the colours and various line weights all come together to create this intricate assemblage of information. Maps are simply beautiful to look at, even without knowing if you're looking at a map of Brussels or Winnipeg. 

Roman Mars from the podcast, 99% Invisible has an episode devoted to maps. He comments that maps are pretty powerful things, "they quantify, locate, and invite like no other medium" which couldn't be more true.

Maps provide people with necessary information while also providing an outlet for dreaming, speculation and wonder. 

Listen to the full 99% Invisible podcast here.