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Objects of My Affection | Chairs

Another sampling of my most loved industrial design objects. Creating this post made me realize that I really have a thing for wooden chairs. I began to attempt to change it up and add in other chairs for the sake of changing up my materials but then I felt dishonest. So I'm just going to own it!

0.1  LCW (Lounge Chair Wood) by Ray and Charles Eames. It's a classic that was amazing during it's time and is still a piece to be admired even today. 

0.2 Cherner by Norman Cherner. I love how much movement this piece has and its delicate proportions. 

0.3 Hiroshima Chair by Naoto Fukasawa. I love Naoto Fukasawa and I LOVE this chair. It is the chair of my dreams-and probably always will be with its price tag. But one can dream, right?! So elegant and sleek. Perfection!

0.4 Uncino Chair by Ronan + Erwan Bourellec. The latest addition to my list of loves (it's design was released just a couple of weeks ago), but really I could put almost anything from these guys on my list. The mix of material here is nice without having one overwhelm the other. 

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